Meet The Fam

Donnell Bruce

Owner & CEO
Coming from a small town in SC, being raised by a single mom of 3 kids. I learned that GOD, Hard-work and Dedication overcomes Poverty, Generational Curses, Fear and Doubt. After having a successful high school career both Academically and in basketball. I earned a scholarship to Clemson University where I lettered for 4 years and received a Marketing degree with emphasis in Management. While at Clemson I played with several professionals and 2 NBA players Dale Davis 16 years and Elden Campbell 14 years. It was after college when I began to acknowledge my entrepreneurial Gifts.
In 1993 through 1999, I was co-founder and Vice President of a record label. In 1995, I co-founded a Custom clothing business. From 1996-1999, I started hosting celebrity Golf tournaments in San Juan Puerto and Nassau Bahamas.
The wisdom and knowledge I gained from those experiences were invaluable but Here is a peek behind the curtain , “The Love of Money is the root of All evil” I must admit some of The lessons learned were extremely difficult to swallow but GOD! He was shaping me into my eventual destiny. “Diamonds are made under pressure and Shine better in light”.
In 2000, I started doing Sports Management. In 2010, I started Famo Sports a Sports management company created to help Athletes and Families stay connected both Spiritually and Financially throughout their career and beyond.
All Glory to GOD because of HIM,
I have been able to assist many professionals over the last 20 plus years..
“We started from the bottom now we are here”

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Reginald Bruce(Reb) Brother

REB—formerly Reginald Antwan Bruce

My little brother was full of energy, ideas, Love and Life.
Which is why loosing you suddenly was the most difficult day of my life.

You inspired me and admired me. You are the inspiration and drive behind FAMO. I love you forever little bro.


Willie Noble

Regional Basketball Advisor
Columbia, SC native Mr. Noble has dedicated his time and quality of life to Manage and advising Our young Men/ladies to the right paths in their basketball career.
Mr. Noble is blessed to be well connected across the National States to multiple NBA players Also many of Collegiate players and Collegiate coaches across the nation. Mr. NOBLE believes family & Great Relationships can and will go a long way when dealing with players and their dreams of playing basketball at a high level. Mr. Noble is willing to go the extra mile to make sure his players have what it takes to make it in this career. 
Quote: “Pro Basketball is a dream that can come true. Only if your willing to out grind the player that’s next to you”. Advisor Noble 

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Toranio Yacphet Turkvant

Travel Coordinator – Redefine Travel, LLC
I started my career in the travel industry in 2017. I quickly created a thriving travel business catering to the needs of business professionals. Utilizing my connections in the industry in order to secure great prices for travel, lodging, and entertainment. Customizing each package to client’s specific needs. I recognizes the importance of operating on the client needs and can be as hands on or as hands off as clients wish.
I’m a U.S. Navy Veteran (Gulf War Veteran), that fell in love with travel during my time in service. I traveled a lot, and very often. I was able to see the world, and I loved seeing how happy people were when they got to unwind in the right place. Experiencing different culture, the food, music, the people.
In 2017, I formed Redefine Travel, LLC and integrated the latest in technology to reach new customers. I’m a member of CCRA/ABC Global services, Ensemble, and ASTA to have some powerful connection in the travel industry. I was determined to form a company that would resound with the next generation, modernizing the role of a Travel advisor.
In 2022, Redefine Travel, LLC partner with Famo Sports to add an additional service to an already thriving management company. My responsibility is handling all the travel and lodging for existing and
future clients.
Toranio Yacphet Turkvant

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Angela Bruce

Realtor & Financial Consultant(JAM Financial Solutions) 
Excel Realty 
Licensed in South Carolina & Georgia 
Angel Bruce

Phone: (803) 747-4573